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ESP8266 Wifi based 2 channel DC Switch

ESP8266 Wifi based 2 channel DC Switch
R 120.00 each Estimated Dispatch Monday Total Cost R 120.00


ESP8266 WiFi Board for IoT Projects


Hardware Features
Based on the ESP-12F ESP8266 Wifi module.
802.11 b/g/n Wifi.
Integrated low power 32-bit MCU.
4MB Flash.
On-board MP1584 DC-DC Converter (5 - 24VDC).
Relay: Songle 10A 250VAC/30VDC SPDT Relay.
Enclosure: 111 x 42mm.
Two on-board buttons.
Two on-board LEDs.
Some of the ESP8266 module's pins is available on-board.
Reserved footprint for a DHT22 sensor (recommended to mount DHT sensor outside the enclosure).

The ESP8266 can be programmed using our CP2102 USB-TTL programmer that can be found here.
Supported in Tasmota firmware (Select Electrodragon in configuration). Other firmware may also be used but may require additional setup.

The cables on the output terminals conflicts with the enclosure, check cable routing.

This relay board can pasas the input DC voltager to the realys or the jumpers can be removed to isolate the relays from the input DC.

Series of ESP Relay Boards:
Wifi IoT Relay Board: AC Mains Power ON/OFF
ESP Relay Board IL: Optimize for inductive loads
Wifi IoT Relay Board VDC: DC Power Supply, DC (or AC) ON/OFF
Wifi IoT Relay Board SPDT: Output not connected to input), DC or AC On/OFF
ESP LED Strip Board: Similar to H801 Control for LED strips (4 x MosFET)