We strive to provide you with good quality, well-priced products and services. We want to know if you’re unhappy with these products and services and would like to rectify the issue in whatever way we can. We will always ensure, unless you expressly agree differently, that our products and services are suitable for the purpose generally intended, are of good quality and in good working order, free of any defects, and will be useable and durable for a reasonable period of time in a reasonable manner and environment.

Consequently, we are willing to replace, repair or refund your purchase (your choice and at our cost) under the following circumstances:

  1. The products/services are of a type and/or quality that is not reasonable.
  2. The products/services do not reasonable correspond to the description, in terms of material respects and characteristics.
  3. The products/services, in the case of a special or custom order, do not conform to your material specifications.
  4. If within 10 days, the products/services are not suitable for your application, and we specified that it would be.

In addition to the above terms, we are willing to give you a cooling off period of 7 days. During this time you may return your purchase without reason or penalty (This does not apply to custom orders such as our PCB fabrication service).

If, after 6 months from delivery, the products do not conform to what we promise, they may be returned without penalty and at our risk and expense. You will be given the choice for us to either repair or replace the product or refund you in full.

Once you have returned the product we will refund you in full. In certain circumstances we may have to withhold a small portion of refund to cover costs due to packaging, consumption or depletion, restoration etc.

If we fail to deliver goods in a timely manner due to circumstances out of our direct control, we will either refund you, plus interest, or, with your permission, give you an alternative that is equivalent or better in terms of description, design and/or quality.

Unfortunately these terms are not fully applicable to products that cannot be returned unharmed or unaltered. Similarly, products such as semiconductors are only returnable if the original packaging is unopened.