R 98.01 per piece Fabrication Option Estimated Dispatch --- If you place multiple PCB orders with the same fabrication option, additional discounts will be available at checkout. Total Cost R 980.15
Project Name:
Quantity: (must be multiple of 10)
Surface Finish:
Base Material:
Copper Thickness:
Gerber/drill files:

Standard Features:

  • FR4 base material
  • Green soldermask
  • White silkscreen
  • 1.6 mm PCB thickness
  • 35um copper thickness
  • HASL finish
  • 100% e-testing

Additional Options:

  • Lead-free HASL finish (ROHS compliant)
  • ENIG finish (Gold immersion)
  • Panelising (for sizes larger than 60mm x 60mm)
  • PCB thickness from 0.6mm - 1.6 mm (No extra costs)

PCB Size Options:

There is one set size available: 10 x 10 cm. This is the maximum dimensions allowed for a circuit board (ie. board dimensions can be anything up to 10cm x 10cm).

In addition to the set size option, there is a custom option which allows you to specify the exact dimensions. However, this option is not as cost effective as the set size for small quantites.

PCB Colour:

The following colour options are available:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue