16-Ch 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver

16-Channel I2C Servo/PWM Controller,
R 135.00 each Estimated Dispatch Tomorrow Total Cost R 135.00

Product Description

16-Channel I2C Servo/PWM Controller,


Use only two pins (I2C) to control 16 free-running PWM outputs.
No need to continuously update the driver thanx to the built in clock.
The controller runs form 5V and there is a seprarate power connection (Max 6V) for the PWM power pins.
The controller can also be controlled with a 3.3V microcontroller.
User adjustable address pins makes it possible to chain up to 62 deives on a single I2C bus, giving you 992 Servo/PWM outputs.
Adjustable PWM frequency (1.6kHz).
12-bit resolution on each output.
Output enable pin to enable/disable all the outputs.