Motor Driver Module

Motor driver module for high-voltage, high-current motors
R 60.00 each Estimated Dispatch Tomorrow Total Cost R 60.00

The stepper driver module makes use of the L298N IC which is a high-voltage, high-current dual-bridge driver designed to drive inductive loads (such as relays, solenoid and DC and stepper motors) and accepts TTL logic levels.

The L298 has two enable inputs which can enable or disable the drivers independantly of the input signals. It can operate at voltages as high as 46V and handle total DC currents of up to 4A. The IC also has over-temperature protection to reduce the risk of damaging either the IC or the load. 

The L298 uses 1.5V as its maximum for a logic 0, therefore allowing quick, easy and reliable interfacing for systems running at 1.8V or above.

For more information, please consult the L298's datasheet here