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FM Radio Module

High-sensitivity FM radio module with built-in clock crystal
R 28.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 28.00

Product Description

The FM radio module uses Philips' TEA5767 radio IC which is a single-chip electronically tuned FM stero radio. The IC requires very few external components, as seen on the PCB module, and can be tuned to a wide range of FM bands (76 to 108 MHz). The module has very high sensitivity due to its integrated low-noise RF amp, includes an automatic gain control circuit and the FM IF selectivity is all performed internally. 

This device is commonly used in mobile phones and portable FM radios due to its low-power, low-voltage nature.


More Info

The pinout for the module is as follows:

1 Data I/O I2C Data Line
2 Clock I IIC Clock Line
3 GND - Ground
4 NC - NC
5 VCC - Voltage supply
6 GND - Ground
7 L-OUT O Audio left channel output
8 R-OUT O Audio right channel output
GND - Ground
10 ANT I RF Antenna

For further information, please refer to the TEA5767 datasheet and its application note