DC-DC with LCD Display

Adjustable DC-DC Step Down with LCD Display
R 126.00 each Estimated Dispatch Tomorrow Total Cost R 126.00

Product Description

Adjsutable DC-DC Step Down Switching Regulator with LCD Display.


Voltage and current is displayed on the blue background, white character LCD display.
Output voltage can be adjusted in 0.04V steps using the onboard buttons.
The unit can also be calibrated by following these steps:
* Remove power from the unit
* Hold the left (V-) button while applying power to the unit
* When the display starts flashing release the button
* Use a multimeter to measure the output voltage and adjust using the buttons
* Remove power

Input Voltage:  5V ~ 32V (Optimal is 20V)
Ouotput Voltage: 0V ~ 16.5V
Peak Current:  3A
Size:    50mm x 30mm x 12mm (LxWxH)
Efficiency:   <=95%
Load Regulation: <=0.8%
Voltage Regulation: <=0.8%
LCD Accuracy:  ±1%