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ESP32 Development Board

ESP32 Development Board
R 195.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 195.00

Product Description

ESP32-DevKitC based on the ESP-Wroom-32.


The ESP32-DevKitC has the basic system requirements already covered. Just plug in the USB cable and you’re good to go!

The ESP32-DevKitC contains the entire basic support circuitry for the ESP-WROOM-32, including the USB-UART bridge, reset- and boot-mode buttons,
LDO regulator and a micro-USB connector. All the GPIO pins are available on 2.54mm headers.

We only stock ESP32-DevkitC using the CP2102 USB-to-Serial Converter (not the CH340/CH341).

ESP32 Datasheet
ESP32 Core Board schematics