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LED Driver - PT4115

Constant Current LED Driver
R 17.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 17.00

Product Description

Constant Current driver for LEDs.


IC Features:
Wide input voltage range: 6V to 30V
Up to 1.2A output current,
Single pin on/off and brightness control using DC voltage or PWM
Up to 1MHz switching frequency
Current output accuracy of ±5%
Up to 97% efficiency.
Support 1W ~ 30W LEDs
Default Setup: 700mA

Current adjustment:
Current is adjusted by changing the Sense Resistors (Three resistors on the breakout board is in parallel)
Output Current (I) = 0.1/Rs. Rs = R1||R2||R3

Default build options: (NF = Not Fitted or removed from Default Setting)
~ 700mA: R1||R2||R3: --> 0.4||0.4||0.5 - Default
~ 500mA: R1||R2||R3: --> 0.4||0.4||NF
~ 450mA: R1||R2||R3: --> NF||0.4||0.5

Alternative Build Options: (NF = Not Fitted)
~ 200mA: R1||R2||R3: --> 0.5||NF||NF
~ 300mA: R1||R2||R3: --> 0.3||NF||NF

Pin Definition:
IN+: Power supply positive.
IN-: Power supply negative.
LED+: LED’s anode.
LED-: LEDs cathode.
PWM: Control signal (2.8V-6V)
PWM Frequency: 20HZ-20KHZ