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Microwave Radar Proximity Sensor

RCWL-9196 Doppler Radar Proximity Sensor
R 25.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 25.00

Product Description

RCWL-0516 Microwave radar sensor module.


The RCWL-0516 is a doppler radar microwave motion sensor module.
It can be used as an alternative to PIR Motion sensors to switch on lights, trigger an alarm etc.
Instead of sensing infra red emitted by moving objects, the RCWL-0516 uses Microwave Doppler Radar to detect movement.
When triggered, the output pin will switch from LOW (0V) to HIGH (3.3V) for ~2 Seconds.

Operating Voltage:  4~28V
Current Consupmtion: 3mA (max)
Detection Range:  5-9m
Output Voltage:   3.3V @ 100mA
Transmit Power:   20mW
Operating Temperature: -20'C ~ 80'C
Size:     36mm x 17mm

Available Adjustments:
On the back of the module is three 0805 sized pads.
* C-TM can be used to set the repeat trigger time (default is 2 Seconds). Use an 0805 capacitor to extend the time.
* R-GN can be used to adjust the range. Adding a 1Mohm resistor will reduce the range to about 5m.
* R-CDS can be used to connect the LDR to prevent detection at night

Additional notes:
No metal infront of the sensor
Keep at least 1cm clearance around the sensor
See Github link for additional information.