Infrared LEDs

Infrared Transmitter LEDs (Pack of 5)
R 5.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 5.00


The parameters for the 5mm water clear GaAs infrared are tabulated as follows:

Power 100 mW
Pulse Current 60 mA
Forward DC current 30 mA
Reverse DC Volt 6 V
Operational Temperature -55℃ to+100℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ to+100℃
Soldering Temperature 260℃ for 3 seconds

Lighting Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min   Max Unit Condition
Forward Voltage Vf 0.9 - 1.3 V If = 20 mA
Lighting Angle 2θ1/2   30   deg If = 20 mA
Lighting Distance L 12   15 m -
Peak value wavelength λp   940   nm If = 20 mA
Reverse Voltage Ir     5 uA Vr = 5V


Infrared LEDs produce light that is invisible and damaging to your eyes. While working with them, avoid staring directly at them. 

Hint: To check that an IR LED is working your can use a camera, such as a mobile phone's, to "see" the infrared light.