LCD Display

16-character, 2-line LCD display with blue backlight
R 56.00 each Estimated Dispatch Tomorrow Total Cost R 56.00

Product Description

This is a standard 16 character, 2 line LCD display driven with a HD44780-equivalent LCD controller. It can easily be driven using a 4 or 8 bit microcontroller and is compatible with many standard LCD libraries. It has a blue backlight that runs off 5VDC.

Pin Description

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 VSS Ground
2 VDD Power Supply (5VDC)
3 V0 Display Contrast1
4 RS Command / Data Selection
5 RW Read / Write Selection
6 E Enable
7 D0 Parallel Data Input2
8 D1
9 D2
10 D3
11 D4
12 D5
13 D6
14 D7
15 A Backlight (VDD)
16 K Backlight (GND)

1 Typically this will be connected to a potentiometer (+ 1.5K - 2.2K) which can be adjusted to set the display contrast

2 Parallel data input. The LCD can be driven with either 4 or 8 lines (see the display controller datasheet (below) for more information.


LCD Display Controller Datasheet (HD44780)

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