EDArduino Mega 2560

Fully-compatible Arduino MEGA 2560 microcontroller board
R 185.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 185.00

Product Description

The EDArduino Mega 2560 is practically identical to the ATmega 2560. This means that it is capable of the same functions, has the same features and is compatible with the same shields (including those designed for the Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila). In addition to this, the EDArduino Mega 2560 is fully compatible with the RAMPS 1.4 3D printer control electronics making it an inexpenisve alernative. Finally, the quality of the EDArduino is excellent, despite the very competitve price. 



The EDArduino Mega 2560 makes use of the Atmel ATmega2560 microcontroller, has an operating voltage of 5V and can be powered via USB or an exernal power jack. 

The boards main features are listed below:

  • 54 digital I/O pins
  • 14 of the I/O pins can be used as PWM outputs
  • 16 analog inputs
  • 4 hardware UARTS
  • 256 kB of Flash Memory
  • 8 KB of SRAM
  • 4kB of EEPROM
  • Clock speed of 16 MHz

For more information about the ATmega 2560 please go here. The latest Arduino software can be downloaded here.