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SMD Capacitor Kit

0805 SMD capacitor pack (31 values x 20 pcs)
R 119.00 each Estimated Dispatch --- Total Cost R 119.00

Product Description

This is a surface-mount capacitor kit useful for general purpose applications. Included in the kit are 20 capacitors each of 31 different capacitance values.

Please note: These packs are sorted and cut by hand so please be aware that every now and then a few caps (from one or two particular values) may be missing from the kit.


Capacitance Range 1pF - 1uF
Voltage Rating 50V, ≤ 220nF
16V, ≥ 330nF

Kit Contents

1pF 2.2pF 3.3pF 4.7pF
6.8pF 10pF 22pF 33pF
47pF 68pF 100pF 220pF
330pF 470pF 680pF 1nF
2.2nF 3.3nF 4.7nF 6.8nF
10nF 22nF 33nF 47nF
68nF 100nF 220nF 330nF (16V)
470nF (16V) 680nF (16V) 1uF (16V)