Current Sensor

Hall effect-based linear current sensors
Current Range:
R 85.00 each Estimated Dispatch Tomorrow Total Cost R 85.00

Product Description

These modules use the Allegro ACS series current sensors for precise AC and DC current sensing.  The Sensor provides 2.1 kVRMS Voltage isolation with a low resistance current path. These sensors have a total output error of 1.5% at 25°C.


These sensors Require a 5V supply and have an unpopulated RC filter on the OUT pin to improve signal-to-noise ratio in low-frequency sensing applications. We also added a screw type connector rated at 30A for easy lug free installation and a power indicator LED. 4 x M3 mounting holes will make mounting this module easy.

The output voltage is proportional to the current flowing through -IP Aand +IP.

Output voltage
5A Bidirectional 185mV/A Vcc/2 @ 0A
20A Bidirectional 100mV/A Vcc/2 @ 0A
30A Bidirectional 66mV/A Vcc/2 @ 0A
20A Unidirectional 185mV/A 500mV @ 0A
30A Unidirectional 133mV/A 500mV @ 0A