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DC-DC Converters

Step Up & Step Down DC-DC Converters
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Product Description

DC-to-DC switching regulators have a better conversion efficiency than linear regulators. With DC-to-DC converters you can generate either a higher or lower output voltage than the input voltage.


The XL6009 is a switching regualtor that is capable of switching up to 4A. We currently stock only the boost configuration.
The LM2596 is a step-down (buck) converter capable of switching up to 3A.

Configuration:   XL6009 Boost Converter
Properties:    Non-Isolated step-up (Boost)
Input Voltage:   3.3V to 32V
Output Voltage:   5V to 35V
Input Current:   4A (max)
Efficiency:    Up to 94%
Switcing frequency:  400KHz
Working Temperature: -40'C to 85'C
Dimensions:    43mm x 21mm x 14mm (L x W x H)

Configuration:   LM2596 Buck Converter
Properties:    Non-Isolated step-down (Buck)
Input Voltage:   3V to 40V
Output Voltage:   1.5V to 35V
Output Current:   3A (max)
Efficiency:    Up to 90%
Switcing frequency:  150KHz
Working Temperature: -40'C to 85'C
Dimensions:    45mm x 20mm x 14mm (L x W x H)

!! These modules do not have reverse polarity protection. !!