Neopixel Stick 8 x WS2812 RGB LEDs

Neopixel Stick 8 x WS2812 RGB LEDs
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Product Description

WS2812 Neopixel RGB LED Stick with 8 individually addressable RGB LEDs.


Requires a single power source (5-7V) and only one microcontroller pin to control as many pixels as you like.
The Neopixel RGB LED Sticks can be casceded.
Each RGB LED is addressable and has it's own control circuit built in.
Brightness of each LED can be adjusted (256 levels).

  Vcc: 5-7V
  GND: Common Ground
  DIN: Data from a microcontroller or from the DOUT from another WS2812 LED.
  DOUT: Data output to be connected to the next WS2812 LED DIN.